My lovely Sunday

Today I woke up and went to church. Celeste fell asleep on the table, she was really tired. After church, I went to the Frost household so Derek could drop off their van, and then I brought him back to church. Then I brought Jonathan home. Celeste and I then went to Cub and came home to clean my room. So now it is clean. Well, actually I was cleaning while she was tanning. I also talked to Jonathan for over an hour. It was great. We then went over to Bryan’s house to visit. His mom, Dawn, bought 2 dozen Krispy Kremes from me! It was really fun. We got to meet a real police dog! He was cute. Later Jonathan came over. We all played pool. And cleaned Celeste’s pool. Celeste got really bored, left us ALL ALONE 😉 …. So we watched a movie – Corky Romano. Then after that I took him home. We listened to Relient K repeatedly all day. It’s a good thing that they are good. So all in all I had an awesome day. So did Celeste. Woohoo. Today’s musical extravaganza (and Celeste’s favorite song) : Entertaining Angels by Newsboys