Here I am. It is 3:30 in the morning, and I am waiting for my clothes to dry. As soon as they do, I will fold them and go to bed for about 4 hours. Then it is off to Sonshine! I am really excited, but I am going to be exhausted. Oh well, it serves me right. Before my mom went to bed, she and I had a long talk. It was really nice. We talked about our lives, and how proud she is of me. The fact that I am so good, and never screw up like she used to. It is a nice feeling to have her proud of me like that. We also talked about boys. How she is excited for me to find one, and how she can’t wait until I am happy. I think soon I may be happy in that way. But who know, I guess whatever happens will happen whenever God thinks it is time. Well, I will not be writing in here until Saturday. That is when I come back from Sonshine. Hey, if you need your car washed, come to my church and you can get it washed and eat while we are doing it! G’night!Person of the moment: Martin Luther King Jr.