Well, tonight was fun! I went over to Beth’s house with Nikki and Justin. We watched The Fast and the Furious. Best movie ever! And then Beth kicked us out cause she was tired. Then we sat in her driveway and listened to music while fogging up the windows in Justin’s car! And then up to the salon. Just to visit mom. After that, we went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a new book for me. It is called "When God Writes Your Love Story." I hope it is good. I love to read. I am so excited for the wedding Jon and I are going to! I love weddings, they are so happy! In Jamaica, I saw a bunch of them on the beach. It was so romantic! Wow, I’m a dork. Oh well!Why is the title bananas? I have no idea….Well, I think I shall go talk to Nikki, Jon and Justin. My 3 favorite people to talk to, plus Celeste!


I got up at 2:30pm. I am so lazy. But oh well. I am in such an awesome mood! Celeste is back in town, and I am getting some awesome information! I love my friends! And other things…;) So anyways. My sister got up this morning and went and sat in the boat! Isn’t that cute. She is cute sometimes, but then she has her devil days. Oh well, I love her!I am so excited for Jamaica! My mom says that I am going to come back changed, and I will hate them for using so much, and taking it all for granted. Well, I probably will make some major changes in my life. But Jamaica is so wonderful! I love it there. I went there for spring break a couple of years ago. It is so beautiful, and magical! Well, on to the rest of my life. Are you ever just happy all of the time? Well, I am now. It is a really good feeling. Especially, cause I know how it feels to be sad all of the time. I think that time in my life, was puberty. Haha. I hated everyone, how sad! But I am over that. And now, happiness! And I think that my life is on the upswing. Is that a word? Well, things are just getting better! Me thinks I am boring you. So I shall depart. Have an awesome day!