Finally got boat

Getting a new boat is highly stressful. Especially when the guys that work there are jerks and there are many little things wrong with it. Oh well, it is home now. It is a lot bigger than the old one, and me thinks that it is oversized for our garage. On the way home from the dealership, a tarp flew out of the boat. After about an hour of walking up and down the freeway, my dad came home with a beaten tarp and ten dollars. We are now afraid thaat if my dad is in need of money, he will be working the freeway. Simland: don’t mean to be rude but mind your own beeswaxI have never been told that before. Luckily it made no effect on me whatsoever. I actually find it funny. Anyways. I had a chocolate chipper at Perkins today. It made me too full. I didn’t enjoy it, and the cookie wasn’t even warm. Darn Perkins cooks. So to end off my diary entry, I will end with a quotation. Hold to nothing too violently. Every fool stands convinced; and everyone convinced is a fool; and the faultier a man’s judgement, the firmer his conviction.I don’t really understand it, so anyone can feel free to explain it to me! Goodnight!Today’s song: Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt n Pepa


I am in a good mood. Which is a good thing since it is so early! And I just woke up! Haha. You should see my hair! It is incredibly messed up. Today we are getting my new boat! I am very excited, and I am going to video tape the whole thing. That is my dad’s idea, he’s very pumped. If you are nice to me I will even let you come ride in it sometime! We still have our old boat, but I think my dad sold it. I personally don’t know why anyone would want it, but as long as we get it out of Celeste’s garage soon. That is where it is hibernating for the summer so we can put the new boat in our garage! Yeah, I have to go bring my mom to work, so that I can videotape the whole "Getting the New Boat" ordeal. Have an awesome day!