Today was awesome. This morning I had the liberty of answering my phone completely naked! (No one was home, and I was getting in the shower!) And then I talked to Celeste for a while! It was great. Lets see, I also cleaned the cupboards. While doing that I inhaled tons of Lemon Oil. It was quite amusing. Today I ate Ramen noodles. I could live on those. Those and Fun Dip. But they aren’t so good for you. So that would be bad I think. Tonight I went to a partay. For Maria, her birthday. I had a blast! We swam a lot. And used bug spray and fire to amuse ourselves. Richard and I jumped! It was fun, but the floor disappeared once when Rich jumped, so he fell. That was pretty amusing! I even got to stay there until 12! Ooh. I am a rebel!After the partay (fun word to say) Jonathan asked me to go to John Foster’s wedding with him. I said yes. So all in all it was a pretty good night!Good night!By the way: pretty soon, I will have my own book of, well, you could call them Amberisms. You shall read it. And it will be 5 miles long!